Monday, February 2, 2015

La Chandeleur - jour de crêpes

Crêpes for la Chandeleur
Fête des Chandelles
(Candlemas in English) 

Today is Candlemas, 2 February, and it is celebrated in France with crêpes.
Yesterday I made crêpes with a seven-year-old 
and an eleven-year-old (supervised by a wild puppy).  
You hold a coin in your left hand and flip the crêpe pan in your right.  
If you can catch the crêpe, 
it means your family will be prosperous for the rest of the year, 
such is the legend.  
If you drop it, the puppy will eat it and you start again
Pictured above are savory wheat crèpes 
from Crêperie Plougastel which are delicious.  
My helpers and I made the same basic recipe 
of milk, flour, eggs, butter, and a small amount of salt and sugar 
that I have been making since I first learned to cook.  
We will have garlic shrimp crêpes with a bechamel sauce. 
Crêperie Plougastel
47, rue du Montparnasse
75014, Paris


Alain said...

Une crêpe qui ressemble un peu à une galette bretonne, peut-être à cause de sa couleur ou de ses trous ?

Revrunner said...

Hence the days wild popularity amongst puppies. :-)

Jeanie said...

We're snowed in today --- perhaps it would be a good day to whip out Julia or another favorite and try my hand at crepes! I think I might have all those ingredients! Thanks for the idea!

William Kendall said...

The puppy would definitely enjoy that kind of tradition!

Alexa said...

I wish for you to be prosperous (and well fed), so I hope the only crêpes the puppy enjoyed were ones you let him have. :~}

Danar O said...

Sure I'm sure... I were laughing a lot with each scream of seven-year-old while looking the puppy to catch at least two crepes still in flight. ...or were they three? Hahahaha! All the crepes and happiness like the one of that moment for you four...

A question... Did you use the same coin to draw lots, who would clean up the disaster zone in the kitchen?
I´m glad, for you four... the life is for that, for learning to cook a crepe and then enjoy it. (like life itself). Thanks, and Blessings Genie.

Danar O said...

I meant, You all four were laughing...

Randy said...

Looks delicious.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Alain, je crois que c'est vrai. Les crêpes sont bonnes et le cidre est vraiment breton.

Revrunner, this puppy is just wild in general!

Jeannie, we opted for the sweet crepes tonight with vanilla ice cream and bananas foster - miam-miam! We will have the shrimp crepes tomorrow night.

William, sadly the puppy had that crepe snatched away quickly with only a bite.

Alexa, we do not give the puppy table food or French crêpes either for that matter, but she was smacking her little jaws in anticipation. Best wishes to you too ma chère.

Danar, it was a wild time and we could have made it a bigger party with more of the family. The puppy did add to the chaos and excitement which is what it is all about after all. Merci beaucoup.

Randy, the crepes are easy and very delicious.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I eat crepes in Paris as they are so wonderful , had my first one in April 2009 .. with eggs, ham and mushrooms ..delicious.