Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rue la Feuillade

Rue la Feuillade

Looking from one apartment window towards another,
admiring the architecture,
the tall windows,

...and wishing that I had the blue street sign
in my office.

Rue la Feuillade
75002, Paris


Jeanie said...

I think we would all like this one in our offices! It's a beautiful sign and photo, too!

Danar O said...

"To gather details, you have to invest time, knowing lose, let it happen to come up with a word, an image, an idea.

You have to look at the details. They sow our life pebbles that guide us".

Katherine Pancol.
Superb collection of pebbles!

Revrunner said...

Keep the sign. I wouldn't mind having the apartment. :-)

Danar O said...

...I'd prefer to move my office to the street of that blue sign... d(:-D).... Ha!Ha!

sawdustagain said...

Do you suppose the sign used to say "Rue de la Feuillade"?

Aimeecakes said...

So many great details in this shot!!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Beautiful Paris details Genie, j,adore!

William Kendall said...

The carving details are quite beautiful!

Alexa said...

Wonderful shot. And I was thinking the same as Danar: I'd rather have the view of that sign out my window!

Randy said...

Nice reflection and details.