Monday, October 13, 2014

Belleville - Rue Dénoyez

Rue Dénoyez - graffiti street

This street of abandoned buildings and closed shops 
has been transformed as a palette for graffiti artists, 
welcomed by the Belleville community 
and supported by nearby stores, cafés, and markets.

Each time you visit this street, the canvas will have changed,
 and you might find one of these artists at work.

Rue Dénoyez
(between Rue de Belleville and Rue Ramponeau)
75020, Paris
Métro Belleville


s.c said...

Nice street shot. I like it.

Debs said...

I saw some great street art on our Melbourne trip this year. It certainly adds something to the street.

Alexa said...

It has a whole different look when it's actually welcomed as art.

William Kendall said...

A good street shot!

Randy said...

Nice capture.

Jeanie said...

Nice. I like this very much.