Friday, October 10, 2014

Paris Métro - Ligne 4, Station Cité

Station Cité
Line 4

This Métro station is an impressive 62 feet under ground, 
and the stairs, lift, rails, and platform are all contained in two metal caissons.  
Built in 1911, it took a full year to complete. 

This entire platform area is under the Seine! 

bon weekend

Paris Métro, Ligne 4, Station Cité
75004, Paris


Randy said...

Excellent shot. I like the light fixtures.

Danar O said...

I like various things in this photo. The movement of lights "falling down" from ceiling -as their reflects could suggest-, I agree with Randy about the fixtures. And the movement of the fast slipping train. Both of them contrasting with the solid stillness of the iron fence, and especially with the calm concentration of the passenger reading while waiting. I enjoy the warm tint of light, as protecting against a cold night, anouncing the coming of resting.
For me the history tells that always, at any time, there are a lot of hard working women and men, french and immigrants, doing each necesary detail for a great next day for Paris visitors.
Thanks to them. And thank you very much to you, great photographer, for the gift of your vision and your beautiful emotions. Pleeeease keep going 100 years more.

Alexa said...

One of my fave metro stations—though I wouldn't want to walk up all those stairs (at least not all at once).

Margaret Adamson said...

A fascinating shot

William Kendall said...

That is quite a station!

Valerie said...

Lovely reflection of the lights..and the Paris Metro is very photogenic.

Harriet said...

Great photo!

Tall Gary said...

Having been taught by the excellent observations of Danar O up there to actually see this photo, I then became enthralled with the curving shapes in the upper part: like a cresting ocean wave of industrial light that the train is surfing the tube of.

This station, Google says, is the only one on the Île de la Cité (of Notre Dame fame). Convenient it may be, my rapidly senescing body doesn’t like the looks of a few of those stairs you and Alexa have mentioned. At 62 feet in height (or depth) they could amount to six stories worth of knee bends. Good exercise though, I have heard from a distance.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Danar O, thank you for noticing the details of this photo as it is a favorite of mine. The many stairs provide a unique vantage point on this platform and its action. Rarely can the passengers take in the whole of the scene as can be done here.

Gary, like you I enjoy the shape of this station, and the scene was particularly interesting for the movement of the two trains heading in opposite directions.

Regarding the stairs, yes they are many, but tucked away in the corner of the station is a wonderful elevator/lift that will take you to street level very quickly.

I have posted at least one photo of the many steps which have been painted red on the underside, not unlike a pair of Louboutin shoes.

Margaret and Valerie, thank you for visiting.

Harriet, have you been to Paris lately? I have some new recommendations for you.


s.c said...

Nice shot of the station especially with the bend in the platform and tunnel. I like it.

James said...

Cool shot! I like the curve that can be seen from here. This gives me a photo idea. Counting the days until Paris. :-)

'Tsuki said...

Cité had always been my favourite metro station... The roof is so high, there is alway fresh air, and it is hard to feel under ground there. Plus, big plus : it leads in my favourite area in Paris, l'île de la Cité !!!

Thanks for the sharing, it brings a lot of sweet memories to me.

Molly said...

How very beautiful, something very art deco about it


Louise said...

I love that Metro station and always stop to take pictures of it. And yes I walk up all the steps. I didn't know that the platform was under the river!