Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dans ma chambre!

No, these racoons were not in my bedroom, 
but they made an eye-catching window display on Rue du Bac.

I have certainly never seen 
un raton laveur in Paris!

Rue du Bac
75007, Paris


Jeanie said...

I'm rather in love with this photo. But then I remember having a family with three baby raccoons and a very angry mom in our chimney at the lake and think, "Better a photo than on the bed!"

Danar O said...

Low lighting, sharp focus, color harmony, lots of midtones, no blurring, no reflections, long depth, attention hooked, humor, love and mystery... everything perfect... A whole history...! Loved it!!
Let me guess: the name of the store was " Noah´s Ark"? Wasn't it?!!

By the way... Today I enjoyed my artistic dinner again in your yesterday´s photo, but this time dessert was included! -in fact, with double portions of laugh-. Special thanks for adding a "Miam-miam!" with special meaning and therefore with special value. No need to know its special meaning, for sending you a special thank you very much again... a real gift! Blessings for everyone!

s.c said...

You put us on the wrong track here. Not expecting this in Paris but a nice showstopper.

M said...

Hah! Love "raccoon" in French --- washing rat :). Great photo!!!

William Kendall said...

Now that's cute!

I said hello to one of them last night leaving campus. He looked back as if to say, "what? I'm not doing anything."

Alexa said...

I'd rather have raccoons than bedbugs, though!

Virginia said...

I'm relieved to know you weren't infested with those pesky guys in Paris of all things!

Randy said...

The tag gave it away.

Jack said...

It sure is an odd window display, but it catches attention. I guess it does its job.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Ah, Randy, you are looking carefully for the details - great job!

Alexa! Bedbugs? I would just die!

Danar, many thanks as it looked like a real scene to me, too!

Jack, welcome home.

I did learn a new word... racoon = un raton laveur (washing rat as Marie said)


Louise said...

Oh I love rue de Bac! This looks amazing.