Friday, September 26, 2014

Passage du Grand Cerf

Passage du Grand Cerf

Polished wood, glass windows, patterned tile floor,
wrought iron framing, and glass skylights all make for a
historic setting.

The fine crafts, galleries, 
and custom made clothing add to the scene.

bon weekend

Passage du Grand Cerf
Rue Dussouds, Rue Saint Denis
75002, Paris


William Kendall said...

I like that. C'etait tres belle!

James said...

The windows are great for reflections too! :-)

Kate said...

Great place to stroll and shop. Like the tile pattern.

Joe said...

A city with centuries of history is a joy.

s.c said...

One of the nicer things of Paris. Thanks for showing.

Jeanie said...

Oh, yes! I should like to spend a bit of time there!

Alexa said...

Like James, I noticed the reflection right away.

Randy said...

So beautiful.