Saturday, September 27, 2014

Café de la Paix - des chaises vert

Café de la Paix

When the terrasse is closed, 
the café chairs are stacked and chained.  
Otherwise, you would see these familiar chairs 
walking away until there were none left!

Café de la Paix
12, boulevard des Capucines
75009, Paris


Kate said...

This photo needs no caption. It screams "Paris!"

Alain said...

Tous les fauteuils des cafés chics de Paris, verts, rouges, noirs ou blancs, semblent venir du même fournisseur, c'est un peu dommage.

M said...

Arm in arm they form a green wall blocking the entrance ... Perfectly Parisian!

Jeanie said...

Yes, I wouldn't mind packing a few of those in my suitcase -- good thing they wouldn't fit!

James said...

Gorgeous chairs even when stacked.

Of course my eyes were drawn to the people reflected in the window. :-)

William Kendall said...

Nicely stacked!

Ann said...

i LOVE pARISIAN cafes like this one.
Those chairs look amazing. Nice pic.

Randy said...

Nice reflection.