Sunday, September 21, 2014

Église Saint-Séverin

Église Saint-Séverin

From the ancient windows of the 14th century to seven contemporary abstract windows of the 20th century, Saint-Séverin is a study of contrasts.  The twisted pillars resemble palm trees, and are a fascinating feat of architecture and design, added in 1489.

bon dimanche
from Budapest

Église Saint-Séverin
3, rue des Prêtres Saint-Séverin
75005, Paris


Tamera said...


Jeanie said...

I love the twisted pillars. Very intriguing!

William Kendall said...

The arches really draw my eye.

RedPat said...

Love those pillars too!

M said...

Such a contrastingly beautiful church!

Randy said...

So beautiful.

Joe said...

It is amazing how such feats in architecture were achieved centuries ago.