Monday, January 7, 2013

MORA - des fèves

The Window of MORA
(Le Spécialiste des Ustensiles de Cuisine)

MORA is one of my regular stops in Paris, to buy a French cookbook, 
powdered colors for making macarons, moule cannelé (for making Canelés de Bordeaux), and fèves.  There are many themes for a collection of fèves and we really wanted the row with the bees (including the Queen bee on the left).  They did not have any left for sale but there were other charming selections as you can see.  Perhaps you would be interested in the row of purses?

I promised a recipe for the galette des rois and have included a link here 
for a very easy galette.  
However, I will be back later with a photo of my galette des rois,
and a French recipe which I prefer.

(Joyeux anniversaire, Marie!)

MORA, au service de la Gastronomie depuis 1814
13, rue Montmartre
75001, Paris
Métro Étienne Marcel


  1. I have a friend here who bakes cakes and would love all of these!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Cake decorations for every occasion.

  3. Merci! I definitely think you need to go back and get the bees! These fèves are adorable!

  4. ... and then you have to tell who got the crown, who became king and / or queen! :-)

  5. i am not sure what these adorable things actually are .. tschkas?

  6. love the mix of subjects and colors, a beautiful window shop there!

  7. A window into the forest of confection!

    Genie - I've missed you ~ I hope your holidays were lovely - wishing you and your family many blessings in the New Year!

    With love,


  8. We have a real French bakery in town here and I’ll go today to get a galette there – easier than baking it… You know my cousin in France collects those fèves in the galettes. She told me that the old ones are collector pieces now and can be expensive. I wish I had kept all those we had in our home in Paris, but who knew?

  9. I remember the old fashion ones (all in white). They've become really fancy now.
    (Genie, why don't you have your own Facebook page?).

  10. It's so hard to figure out what a feve is. The French are so elusive about it. Thanks for providing some photographic evidence so now I know.

  11. I'd like the cows row! You always find such fabulous shops!I note this one for my next trip to Paris!

  12. A quand le "mariage pour tous" entre rois et rois ou reines et reines ?

  13. Too cute!!! I love these little knick knacks!! And I am rather partial to the Queen Bee too!!!

  14. So what was the original fève?

  15. To answer Starman above, the original “féve” was a féve or a bean. It was 200+ years BC when the festival started – a Pagan festival. It was not a Christian custom at the origin, but they took it over. It’s an interesting story, just like the Carnival of Mardi Gras (also a Pagan feast.)

  16. Daryl, they are little porcelain figurines, most about an inch tall, which are placed in the galette des rois.

    Vagabond, I do love the old ones but cannot resist buying the new as well. Thanks for telling the history of "the bean" and the pagan roots to this story.

    Malyss, I bought the cows!

    Alain, I think that the king/queen can select anyone for either role. We are very open-minded. (souriant)

    Nadege, perhaps I should but I have resisted as long as I am working.

    Amanda, I am off to email you. I have missed you as well and hope that you had a wonderful holiday with all your family gathered close around.

    Thanks to all for your comments!


  17. Do you know the shop named : G.Detout, rue Tiquetonne not so far from Mora. It is a fantastic place to find anything for cooking.

  18. Les vaches pour moi, s'il te plait, Genie!

  19. Oh those are wonderful. I'd want them all. lol.

  20. Even though this recipe looks good Genie, I think I'll wait for your French version before I give Aimee ( the baker) the go ahead. I hope I haven't missed the pic of yours..


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