Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Le café - Place de la Bastille

Café chairs on the many terraces of Paris sidewalks have long been a subject of photos.  This one caught my eye for the vivid purple webbing, perhaps to distinguish this particular café from the other ten or so around Place de la Bastille.  
I was so taken with the color that I failed to note the name of the café.   
Now, that is unusual.

Do you think that she selected this spot for the warmth of the sun 
or because she was color-coordinated with the chairs?

(and the menu!)

unnamed café
Place de la Bastille
75004, Paris


  1. Well, it's certainly a great match!! I love it and what a fun capture for the day, Genie!!


  2. Lovely chairs...
    Love her hat, it looks fab in there.

  3. J'aime beaucoup la place de la Bastille, l'ambiance y est bien agréable!
    Photo très ensoleillée!
    Bonne journée Genie.

  4. C'est peut-être une consommatrice caméléon dont le pelage prend la couleur de la chaise.

  5. I don't know, but it certainly works out well! Nice photo Genie..
    Duncan In Kuantan

  6. Hi Genie ... I think she is a chameleon. She was wearing red when sat down! Chameleon or not this is a wonderful photograph of the Parisienne cafe society. Congrats.

  7. I like it!

    Wishing you a happy and fulfilling year Genie!

  8. What a mix of people in this photo.

  9. What??? You didn't get the name??? Shocking! The photo is vibrant and colorful. One would think you staged it with the color-coordinated model!

  10. I would order a glass of white wine!It's such a beautiful sunny day there! Enjoy!

  11. Well spotted, Genie!
    Chair-choice? Maybe both... but she certainly melts in quite nicely :)


  12. i bet she's a regular and that's the team colors

  13. Haha! Cool image, I'd have to see what's on the menu before I can make that call Genie!!

  14. Always good to be color coordinated. Now, here's the question: was her lunch date wearing a purple shirt or scarf?

  15. I always try to color coordinate with the chair I'm going to sit in...don't you???

  16. They can't be regulars...she's perusing the menu like she's never seen one before! Since she clearly loves purple, I bet she was drawn to the cafe's purple flavor even if unconsciously.
    A couple of questions:
    Do French women really wear berets or is she a tourist? (I see a World Soccer cup bag on the empty chair ... another clue?
    What's the temp? I see leather jackets but I also see a woman in a green tshirt. Isn't it too chilly for tshirts this time of year? BTW, thanks for the great comment on the Les Miz/Russell Crowe post! I left a reply with a question for you about your reading of Hugo's book.
    Bises back,

  17. I was fortunate to spend a few days in your beautiful city a few years ago and I still vividly remember dining at an outdoor cafe. Looking back through your photos has brought back wonderful memories.

  18. I loved the outside cafes in Paris, where you could have an espress and croissant and watch the world go by . . .

  19. Hi Genie
    Now that is funny... Now I am wondering if she picked that spot for the color... Great photo!

  20. She dressed to match the decor.

  21. May I humbly suggest that they fire their designer and hire one who will give them more traditional cafe chairs?

  22. So many café shots I have taken, and Peter made me laugh about "another blog post" when I saw him in October. I am glad that the sight of people enjoying the terrace cafés in Paris are as interesting to you as they are to me. (still)

    Welcome, Joe in Vegas. I will be in your city in a few weeks.

    This photo was taken in October, and it was chilly and most people were dressed in layers. In Paris, it does not matter how warm it might be, you will see almost everyone with a scarf and a wrap.

    This café was in the sun and the t-shirt person (probably American) was soaking up the rays.

    I love your comments, and will identify this café on my next trip. I am just a little bit type-A.


  23. What a perfect match! It's as if she knew she'd have her photo taken here. :) Quite serendipitous.

  24. Great capture! That´s a new thought: only sit on chairs that are matching the colours of your outfit.

  25. I'll make it my mission to go there for coffee and find out the name for you. I'll have to get myself a purple beret first though!

  26. At first I thought it was a cafe near Place des Vosges that had purple chairs that matched a lady's purple sandals. After I photographer her feet, we struck up a conversation!

  27. great shot, think I have been there but the name...;?

  28. J'ai essayé d'identifier le café avec Street-view, mais ce n'est pas possible. C'est vrai que c'est un très beau cliché, bravo Genie!


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