Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pylones -- Il vous fera sourire!

Have you ever wondered why simple utilitarian objects could not be whimsical and colorful? Well, in 1985 this company was founded in France and transformed everyday objects into brilliant conversation pieces. Even the website of Pylones is playful and animated and can be found here. You can find Pylones stores in New York and many other cities of the world, but the products offered in the USA are not as varied as those seen on the French website and in Paris. I imagine that many Parisians do not give these stores a second glance as the numbers of boutiques have increased. One can definitely get "quirky overload"!
So what do they make? writing pens, cheese graters, puppy dog bookends, combs and brushes, des parapluies with dots and stripes, staple removers with fangs (oh my!), and even frog toasters (not for cooking frogs, bien sûr!)

Not sure that you would want a whole room full of these products but a little object or two will certainly make you smile.

Can you guess the sport of this colorful team of men?

Magnetic paper clip holders that will chirp whether you really want to listen or not. I have one and just try not to touch it too often -- shhhhh!


FireintheBreeze (Brittany) said...

Oh I really want some of their products! I've never heard of this store before

Genie said...

Brittany -- Here is the link to the USA website from which you can order. The French website is more entertaining and shows a more diverse product line.

Gringo said...

Thank you Genie for following my blog, I shall enjoy yours also...!

Virginia said...

Mais oui, Pylones est trés CUTE!!! I've been there once I think but can't for the life of me figure out what those guys do! Pizza wheels??

Love this colorful post!

Alexa said...

Is this the store on the Ile St. Louis? I could spend a long time window-shopping here!

Starman said...

I love stores like this.

puddinglane said...

Hi Genie –just clicked on the link to Pylones and loved it
So colourful and I loved that little truck going across the page
Trės adorable
Dianne xx

Genie said...

Virginia -- If there were a prize you would win. They are pizza cutters, so colorful!

Dianne -- It does not take much to entertain me and I thought that the website was most creative and amusing!

Alexa -- Yes it is. I came across several Pylones boutiques in Paris and they still grab my attention with their window displays. They also have placed their products in Galeries Layfayette.

JM said...

Now that seems to be a very cool shop!

Sara Louise said...

I've never heard of this store but it looks fantastic! I could definitely go a little crazy with my wallet in there!

Genie said...

JM -- It is but you might need sunglasses it is so bright!

Sara Louise -- Next time you go shopping there is one in Aix and one in Avignon. Maybe Cousin would pick you up a little something (international eye rolling here!) -- hah! Have a great week!