Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jardin du Luxembourg -- un répit petit

You could spend at least a week in le Jardin du Luxembourg and not grow weary of the scene. It can be a quiet place to read, even on the busiest weekends. It affords little corners for reflecting and musing -- True to the expectations of une étrangère I hear the tender words of lovers on one side of the gravel path and the playful squeals of children on the other. In certain areas, there are people on the grass but not on this lawn!

Arrive early to find a coveted green chair, and once "installed" in a prime location there is no rush to leave. In warm weather the hexagon-shaped basin will be full of activity as young children maneuver sailboats across its surface and the resident ducks seem to enjoy the action. From my observation, there are as well some full-grown fish (perhaps bass?)

You may be surprised at day's end that your book has not even been opened -- too much else to enjoy.


Sara Louise said...

I've been to Paris twice but have yet to visit this beautiful garden, but strolling through the Tuileries garden with a coffee from one of the kiosks is one of my favorite things to do when I'm there :-)

hollyb said...

Oh to be there today (instead of heading to work!). I think that is one of the things I miss the most going in December...just sitting on a bench outside watching the world. A little too chilly to do it for very long.

JM said...

That's a lovely composition! People look like colourful ants around the pond. :-)

Alexa said...

What a glorious way to spend a chunk of your day—thanks for the vicarious visit, Genie!

Rob said...

Loved that place, we sat in those very chairs.

Virginia said...

I couldn't agree more. I never tire of it. We didn't get back there this trip. Guess that means..........we must return! :) Thanks for the memories!

Starman said...

I think my favorite part of the Luxembourg is the Medici fontaine.

Genie said...

Starman -- Moi aussi! I have many pictures in different seasons of the fountain -- It really is one of my favorite places in Paris. I always tell people that they should plan to spend some time there. Rarely have I found it crowded. ???

Virginia -- You bet we will!

Rob -- I have a hard time sitting anywhere in Paris very long but on a trip alone I did just the same thing (for about an hour)

Alexa -- glad that you enjoyed it. I thought it quite nice for the photograph that the sky had a thunderstorm threatening in the distance -- but it never materialized in le jardin

JM -- They do look like colorful ants at a picnic -- lots of them!

Holly -- We will go, and we will take our plastic glasses for a beverage!

Sara Louise -- You must visit this garden. It is generally less crowded with tourists (moi?) than Tuileries. Thanks for visiting -- I just love your blog and adventures in Le Petit Village!

Virginia said...

Ahh I"m wishing for a view of Starman's Medici fountain without the infamous tourists posed in front to spoil the view!! Mon amie, we must go back for a trip when we have the TIME to spend reading in this park with a glass of wine.

Julie said...

This is a delightful park to wander in its entirety. The view of the ET is most striking from here too.

I love the stormy atmosphere of your photo.

Genie said...

Julie -- Sometimes a photographer just gets lucky with "stormy atmosphere" and manages not to actually get the "storm." Merci!