Monday, July 19, 2010

Des Chapeaux: Rouge et Rose

Oh la la! A confession: J'adore bien les chapeaux! It is not quite the obsession I have with les chaussures but only because I do not wear one daily, bien sûr.

The vision of these beauties in Le Bon Marché were too much for my camera to resist and thankfully I managed to get a shot before being chastised. Did I purchase one? Malheureusement, non. A big hat presents a real challenge to carry home, and on another day I will share "that" story (and photo) with you!

Note: The link above only has the logo for Le Bon Marché so it may be in transition. However, this post on Peter's Paris has a wealth of information with photos. Merci, Peter!


Julie said...

Beautiful photograph, Genie. I am overdosing on Paris at the moment. There is no such thing, I hear you protest!!

Bergson said...

moi aussi j'aime ces chapeaux.
Mais j'aime encore plus ton bandeau : belle vue de Paris

Shell Sherree said...

I'm glad you scored this before being chastised. I love the motto of a friend, "better to beg forgiveness than ask permission". {Not that I'm usually game enough to try it myself. ;)}

FireintheBreeze (Brittany) said...

Love the colours of these pretty hats, I went through a hat stage too. Ps. I love the parisian clock gadget you've got!

Harriet said...

Can't wait to hear your 'other' hat story. Great photo.

Virginia said...

J'adore this photo!~!! The colors, the composition, everything about it. Good for you.

Alexa said...

A great shot like this is even better for having been taken on the sly. And your chapeaux sont formidable! I could never pull off such a hat, but I admire (and envy) anyone who can.

Genie said...

Julie -- No such thing - Just let me breathe it in (I prefer the bread ovens and not the Metro in July!)

Bergson -- Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire (et aussi pour le nouveau mot "bandeau" -- Je pense que cela m'aiderai à améliorer mon Français, peu à peu. Merci!

Shell -- I was alone for this shot but I generally do better with an audience to egg me on.

Brittany -- Merci and you can get that widget for your blog. Look at this -- I have been blogging for less than a week and now I am giving instruction -- hah!

Harriet -- It involves ma fille, Holly. The Parisian hat has its own story and even an event/travel history.

V -- Merci! We have different photos at least today but with your Birmingham blog we did hit RED in a big way today!

Alexa -- We love hats and in the deep South we have some pretty special occasions to don them. I think you would look great in a colorful "statement hat"

Petrea said...

Chastised for taking a photo? Why?

These look practically edible!

Vagabonde said...

I placed a comment last night, but somehow it did not take.
Your hat picture is very good. I like hats too. A few years ago I bought one in London. They placed it in a large hard box. I had no carry-on, just the hat so I placed it in the above compartment then I had to keep guard because people wanted to move it or place their heavy stuff on top of it. I kept saying that I paid for my ticket and was allowed a carry-on and would not move it. Another time I bought a lovely turquoise hat at Les Galeries Lafayette but that time I was with my husband so it was easier to carry it in the plane. The problem is where do you wear hats anymore, apart from weddings or at garden parties?

Genie said...

Petrea -- I feel as was stated above to act first and then ask forgiveness if necessary. No one saw me and I have been back twice more to that little hat department. Across the street at La Grande Èpicerie they will definitely try to stop you. For that you just need un petit camera. ;-)

Vagabonde -- Mobile is the city of the first USA Mardi Gras and we celebrate for about a month with preparations year-round. Parties include several dress-up "hat required" soirees. Although we are a long way from Kentucky we have the same for the Derby. As you know, in the South it's any excuse for a party.

Starman said...

Before I read your commentary, I thought these were candies.