Saturday, October 17, 2015

Le Marché Couvert Saint Quentin

Le Marché Couvert Saint Quentin

This is a local, neighborhood market.
The fish and other seafood are fresh, and 
the merchant has a busy day
serving his patrons with little time to stage the display.

Wish that I was having some oysters tonight.

Le Marché Couvert Saint Quentin
85B, boulevard de Magenta
75010, Paris


s.c said...

Poor fish. Everything that can looks back deserve our respect.

Danar O said...

Very nice backlit picture. Fish are really fresh. It would be good buy some seafood and spend a rainy day cooking french recipes, tasting good wine, listening to soft music, and at night -no rain-... to latin neighborhood!

Which one would be the one market for spending a whole day in it, and to taste the variety of what Paris commonly eats in home? (It doesn't have to be the newest, biggest or nearest.)

William Kendall said...

I imagine it can be quite busy.

Revrunner said...

That's funny! I'm just about to go out and buy some fish for supper. These might arrive a little too late for that. :-)

Rob-bear said...

Beaucoup des poissons. Bien.

Jack said...

I am not a fan of oysters, but this fish market looks really good.