Thursday, October 8, 2015

le château de ma Mère

le château de ma Mère

This little shop on rue Ledru Rollin
features furniture, toys, clothing and accessories for 

How would you like to take home 
a child-sized café chair?

le château de ma Mère
108, rue Ledru-Rollin
75011, Paris


Joe said...

What a wonderfully creative name for a shop Genie. I love such originality.

William Kendall said...

It looks quite eclectic!

Alexa said...

I'd love to—if I had a child-sized person to occupy it, that is. ;~}

Danar O said...

I admire their love for children. I do love them too...
I feel this is a very important store, because it allow to give nice things to say "I love you, my little one! Then they grow up, but gifts remain small to remember...
Thank Miss Genie, there is a lot of tenderness here, especially in the d(:-Dolls hanging from the cord.