Friday, October 16, 2015

Il pleut un peu?

The rain in Paris 
brings out the stalker in me.

I had to chase down this gentleman 
with his striped jacket, two-toned gloves, orange scarf,
knee-high boots over skinny jeans,
and the colorful (orange and black) parapluie!

Rainy street
75006, Paris


Joe said...
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Joe said...

What wonderful pass time we share Genie.

Danar O said...

This picture is great in itself. And I wonder if there was so much color, why you decided to post it in black and white? Maybe to emphasise the cold weather..?
Thanks so much Genie, very good again.
("...the stalker in me." ...Ah? Ha ha ha... I really enjoyed that expression! d(:-D))

Revrunner said...

Good job!

William Kendall said...

Very classically French!

S Anders said...

I would be curious to see the photo in color, too. But, I like
the b/w because of the atmosphere it evokes. And, I can recall many
rainy days in Paris and your photo makes me shiver from the dampness that just jumps off the page! Delightful! Thank you.

Shell Sherree said...

Wonderfully atmospheric, dear Genie !! I'd never have guessed how bright was his brolly ~ the magic of black and white. Bon weekend, ma chere!