Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Le Square Trousseau - zoom-zoom

Square Trousseau
Perfectly balanced on his bike without pedals,
he moved rapidly across the play area
only touching down to gain more speed
The photographer had best
step aside
Le Square Trousseau
75012, Paris
Métro Ledru-Rollin



Jeanie said...

No photographers were hurt during the shooting of this photograph! But I'll bet they were smiling like I am!

William Kendall said...

Very cute!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Genie:

Absolutely delightful [we have been 'off air' with Blogger problems].

Revrunner said...

He's on his way.

Paulita said...

These pedal-less bikes are a much better idea than training wheels. I've seen wooden ones here in the US

Alexa said...

Well done, Genie. Your little Parisien is just flying!

sawdustagain said...

Lovely park, I was there yesterday on our way to the market. Children everywhere, love it.

martinealison said...


Ils sont agiles les minous d'aujourd'hui !!
Superbe photo.

Gros bisous ❁

Randy said...

He was having a good day.