Monday, October 28, 2013

Rue d'Aligre - un café

2011 1106 Nov day 3 DSC_0477

Rue d'Aligre

Taken on a busy market day (Marché d;Aligre), 
there is scant room for café table and chairs.  
Still, the pastries and a coffee (or thé) can be enjoyed 
as the market vendors shout out the quality of their wares.

One thinks that the price of the coffee and pastry is small 
for this front row theatre seat.

Rue d'Aligre
75012, Paris
Métro Ledru Rollin


cath hy photographie & peinture said...

photo bien cadrée j'aime beaucoup !
Bonne semaine Genie!

Alain said...

C'est la mode d'avoir des chaises et des tables dépareillées dans les troquets...les proprios doivent penser que cela fait "bohème".

Joe said...

Reserve a seat for me Genie.

M said...

Love the colorful serape-like table cloths!

Jeanie said...

How pretty! I just love the colors!

Sketchbook Wandering said...

When all of us Paris-Crazy Bloggers meet in Paris someday (your suggestion on my blog sometime ago!) let us come here too, OK? I've never been to the market, this area...Love the colorful photo, Genie!

Alexa said...

Must agree that it's a small price to pay indeed. BTW, one of those three chairs has my name written all over it—it's the one with the cushion, natch! :~}

Deb said...

What a warm and cosy photo. I can imagine myself having a coffee there too. :)

Starman said...

It doesn't appear to be the kind of place I would stop for a coffee.