Wednesday, October 2, 2013

le Prélude de Paris - l'orchestre classique de Chatelet

Prélude de Paris
classic orchestra of the Chatelet Métro

Two days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) 
you can hear the classic orchestral music of this group 
of conservatory students, music professors, and musician friends.  

The subterranean orchestra will stop you in your tracks 
as the sound of Vivaldi's Four Seasons 
echoes through the many tunnels of Chatelet.  
They play at an intersection/crossing of lines 1 and 4. 

Click here for a brief selection 
of their Vivaldi's Hiver

Prélude de Paris
often heard at Chatelet
lines 1 and 4
75001, Paris


Sylvia K said...

How wonderful!! Thank you for sharing, Genie!! I love it!!

Alain said...

Une forme de mendicité qui est bien accepté musique adoucit les moeurs.

Cezar and Léia said...

They are very talented!

Joe said...

What a brilliant idea for both the commuters and the musicians. We were in London airport recently standing in an enormously long queue. An upright piano was against the wall about half way along with stickers on it saying "Play Me". For our entertainment a commuter came along and began to play a classical piece. 'T'was magnificent.

M said...

On our first trip we arrived at this station and were greeted by this beautiful music ... Paaaaahris!

JoeinVegas said...

Seems a lot classier than most of the buskers I've run into. Here in Vegas they don't even entertain, just ask for 'donations'

Alexa said...

Wonderful photo, Genie! Next time I'm there, I'll go out of my way to find them.

Starman said...

I've heard them on several occasions but it's always a pleasant surprise.

Jack said...

This is wonderful!

Randy said...

Nice capture.

Cath.H.C Photography said...

Beau cliché pris au vif des instantanés.

Jeanie said...

I've heard some pretty fabulous music in the Metro but I didn't hear these guys! Don't you just love it?