Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cathédral Notre-Dame de Chartres

Chartres Cathedral
12th Century Gothic

looking down as we ascended the many ancient,
spiraling steps to the bell tower

bon dimanche

Cathédral Notre-Dame de Chartres
Chartres, France
(an easy day-trip from Paris by train)


Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Great image - fabulous Cathedral. I was hoping to concentrate on my photography when I was in France this year, but sadly it wasn't to be. I'm still hoping to catch up with you and your camera in France some time.

Merisi said...

Oh, you brave girl, what a feat, but what rewards, too!
I love the perspective and the delicate colors with which you captured this scene.
A wonderful Sunday to you, wherever you are right now,

Louise said...

Oh how gorgeous. I haven't made it to Chartres yet.

Pet said...

Wow, it must be really exciting to be up there!

黄清华 Wong Ching Wah said...

Superb view !

megi said...

Hallo Genie,
thank you for this AMAZING foto !!!
The cathedral is so beautiful !!!
have a nice day

Joe said...

A fantastic view. Is there a respirator at the top?

Forest Dream Weaver said...

I'm so pleased to view this scene without having to actually be there!
The construction of the roof is very beautiful.

Bon dimanche Genie,

Revrunner said...

Very interesting view for many reasons.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Genie:
We shall never, never forget the first time we entered Chartres Cathedral and, as our eyes became accustomed to the gloom, saw for the first time all of that wonderful, early stained glass. Alas, that was over forty years ago.

We should have been too afraid, with a great fear of heights, to have climbed to the top as you did.

M said...

Love the way you captured the view of both the cathedral and the town rooftops! What a beautiful day we had there! Bon dimanche!

Birdman said...

Love your perspective of the many rooftops. Wonderful!

Rob-bear said...

Bon dimanche, Genie.

Sylvia K said...

I agree with Birdman, I do love your perspective and what a view! Terrific capture as always, Genie!


Janey and Co. said...

That is one amazing shot!

Cezar and Léia said...

A famous one that has been in my list for an "occasional" visit if driving nearby, but that hasn't happened yet. How hard was it to climb the spiralling steps? Well, your pic indicates that the view was worth it!
God bless you!

Kristie Franklin said...

Great aerial photo! I love how the moss has covered the side and top of the spires and the aged patina of the roofs. :)

'Tsuki said...

Ah Chartres ! Magnifique...

Merci pour ce partage : voilà un point de vue que je ne verrais jamais, à cause de mon vertige... Donc je suis contente de le découvrir sur ton blog.

Jack said...

A beautiful image, Genie. I like to climb up to the top of buildings like this whenever I can, though I also want to stay away from the edges.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

This photo is simply amazing! So beautiful.

Randy said...

That is some shot. One that I have never seen before.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Elizabeth, I hope to see you in France as well.

'Tsuki, I will take many photos from high places for your viewing pleasure... without making the vertiginous climb yourself.

Kristie, they have been working on the basilica for some time now and I do hope they leave the moss.

Jack, you probably would not have wanted to see Marie hang out of one of the openings to catch a shot below.

Cezar, when we were there we only encountered two or three others on our way up or way down. They are a tight spiral unlike some other towers I have climbed (Seville). You could touch both sides with your hands.

To all who have never been there. Marie and I decided on a moment's notice to spend a day there after seeing Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine in Paris. The replicas of the basilica were unbelievable and we felt we needed to see the 12th century original. Do plan a trip to Chartres as you will love the entire city.


R Keith Lambert said...

Very nice perspective . . .there is something about looking at a tall structure without the sky present that is appealing. -RKeith

Starman said...