Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Repetto - encore!

Although Repetto has men's shoes, I have not seen them for sale in the Paris boutique window, hummmm.....?

I'll take these red ones!

They will match my candy-apple red Danskos...

22, rue de la Paix


Rob-bear said...

Still putting your best foot forward, Genie! Very good. Ca marche!


Ces jolies chaussures me rappellent celles que portaient Audrey Hepburn et Catherine Deneuve, à leurs débuts.
Bonne journée, Genie!

Malyss said...

Purple for me, please! :)

Suzi said...

I'll take all 4 colours! X

Andy said...

What is it with women and shoes? My daughter has more shoes in her closet than any other item.

biebkriebels said...

In France they always have great shoes, I bought several of them there.

Cezar and Léia said...

I think I should buy all but... :)
However at least the light pink, it's so beautiful!

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Definitely fun shoes! Purple and gold for me please.....R x

Harriet said...

I'm going to comment on your banner today --- every time I open your blog, I quickly travel the Seine under that bridge -- LOVE IT! This photo has such momentum.

BillDixon said...

A poem for Genie

I like shoes.
They’re really cute
with some jeans
or with a suit.

Shoes with dresses,
skirts and sweaters,
don’t see how it
gets much betters.

Sneakers, flip-flops,
boots, and pumps
make me sing
(but not “My Humps”).

A day with Chucks
in any shade,
is almost as good
as getting laid.

Ok, not really,
but it’s a rhyme,
and I truly do think
Chucks are prime!

I’d like to buy
some Choo or Prada
but even Payless
is better than nada.

I like shoes
a lotLotLOT.
Now I need
some coffee - Hot!

This is long
but in conclusion,
let there be
no confusion -


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shoes, and I bet they're like walking on pillows. Are they expensive, since they are Repetto?


Virginia said...

WEll now B's gone all poetic on us!!!

I wnat the red ones too. We'll be twins again! :)

Rob said...

Not sure these would fit my feet. But what a fun idea to photograph product in a shop.

Jack said...

I knew instantly that you would take the red shoes. You're a red girl. But, I'll bet you thought about the purple ones, too.

suzanneberry said...

wow, the last four posts are incredible and these shoes are amazing!!! that wedding dress in the frame is stunning!! oh to be in pari!

Starman said...

Why would you want shoes that match your shoes? Is that a female thing?

Picturit said...

My Wife loved your post...... I wonder why? HA HA

jb said...

Priced individually or as pairs?

Viennese Girl Vreni said...

I´ll also take the red "ballerines"! I have already a pair of red shoes, but unfortunately they are not from Repetto.

Loree said...

I love sandals more than shoes. I am a sandals and boots type of girl. In fact I usually go from boots to sandals and vice versa :)

Alexa said...

While we were there last week one of my kids mentioned a Repetto outlet (!)—but, unfortunately, we never managed to get there. There's always a reason to return, n'est-ce pas?

Halcyon said...

I'll take them all! LOve this shop. :)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Bear -- You are too kind... I do love that profile photo as you were standing right next to me

Richard -- Audrey? C'est moi! Merci, mon ami.

Malyss -- Saved you a pair!

Suzi -- You can pick them all up when you go. They will not take up too much room in your bag

Andy -- tsk, tsk... have you not learned anything? Women love shoes!

biebkriebels -- I am envious. I have never bought any in France but have several from trips to Italy

Léia -- The light pink are signature Repetto

Rx -- You and Malyss have both mentioned those purple ones... I would like some of those as well!

Harriet -- I would love to be sitting in that picture right now, too!

Bill -- Oh my!!! You are such a sweetheart... I love, love, love the poem!! Merci mille fois!

Liz -- Uh, expensive? I think so at about 160 € (or more!) eeek!

Virginia -- Yes, he's a dear sweetheart and a great photographer too! We'll have matching red shoes!

Rob -- I do that all the time and sometimes do a "stealth" photo click

Jack -- You were absolutely correct and I have many scarves with red and purple, a great color combination to offset black... you know me well

Suzanne -- Merci, mon amie, and thank you for noticing the gown post!

Starman -- Oh, I like to line them all up and sometime even take pictures of them... I wondered if anyone would ask about that (I have lots of pink shoes.... shhhhh!)

jb -- Well, you might have to buy one this week and the matching pair in a month or so while you save up the money... I think I'll send Mrs. JB an email about these

Vreni -- I think that they would be perfect for you

Loree -- Do you have any red boots?

Alexa -- Outlet?! Did you say outlet!! Where? Definitely a reason to return.

Halcyon -- I bet that they have oodles of them to sell!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

To all -- I am still trying to catch up with my work and then I will be catching up with your blogs... loved your comments today, a bright spot for sure!


Weekend Abstrait said...

La marque Repetto est réputée pour son confort absolu, ce qui est vrai !

Randy said...

Nice choice of colors!

Kate said...

These remind me of Capezios which I loved and wore as a teen-ager and young adult. Remember...every woman needs a pair of red shoes!!

Chez Loulou said...

*sigh* One day I will be able to afford a pair of these. I like the red ones too!