Friday, March 18, 2011

Petit Palais - Reflection

In the exquisite doors of Petit Palais you can see just a faint reflection of Grand Palais across the avenue. The full view of these doors is magnificent.

Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris
Avenue Winston Churchill

For more reflections go to James' Newtown Daily Photo


Bergson said...

magnifique porte
quel travail d'artiste

Maïté said...

Très belle photo ; bonne journée, à bientôt !

Sara Louise said...

It's so ornate and beautiful

Suzi said...

Genie, thank you - for showing me things and places in paris that I have never see. I hope to really "see" them soon. x

Louise said...

One of the things that I love most about Paris is that there are so many fantastic places. I haven't made it to the Petit Palais as yet- but one day I will. Thanks for the lovely reminder in the meantime.

Malyss said...

A very interlaced reflection!hard to find , great to catch!


Elle semble toute neuve. Encore une merveille.
Mercie Genie!

martinealison said...

Quand l'homme déploie ses qualités artistiques, il est grand...

Regina said...

Gorgeous one!
Happy weekend.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

So ornate! Love the detail and all on a set of doors? Beautiful!

Cezar and Léia said...

Bonjour chère Genie!
C'est la perfection!J'aime beaucoup cette jolie photo!
Amazing design and so adorable reflections!
Very well done ma belle!

Virginia said...

Just beautiful and I seem to have missed the Seine yesterday. Love the light on the buildings.
Bon weekend!

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

How ornate! I wonder what that is made of?

Ps. Your last comment to me made me feel so special. Mercie Genie!
Bon weekend,

Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous reflection, Genie! I love the intricate pattern of the wrought iron! Really superb! Hope you have a great weekend!


Harriet said...

An entrepreneur in Paris should make this design into a pin/brooch and market it to the museum store there. What a lovely keepsake it would be. You have captured the details so your photos.

Fabien said...

Bel entrelacs d'or et de lumière

Dianne said...

beautiful door
the faint reflection is magical as is the decor itself

the structure in my photo is a Lowes store, this particular section of the store is wide open, it is the entrance to the garden section
they sell all forms of home and building supplies
thanks for your interest and your kind comment :)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Bergson -- Merci et c'est vrai.

Maïté -- Merci, mon amie et bonne journée à toi aussi!

Sara Louise -- Merci, and have a wonderful weekend in the village.

Suzi -- You will have a wonderful trip and certainly will see things that I have not... glorious opportunities abound in Paris!

Louise -- It is beautiful and has not been crowded on my visits... It is not too large to really enjoy and cover.

Malyss -- Merci, mon amie!

Richard -- Merci, Richard, et je te souhaite un bon weekend. Pour toi: «Dès sa mise en place, la grille de la porte d’entrée dessinée par Girault lui-même a été saluée pour son élégance et la virtuosité de son exécution. A cela, il faut ajouter les rampes d’escalier des rotondes, les guirlandes et chutes en fer forgé qui décorent le péristyle du jardin.»

martine -- Girault avait ses qualités artistiques... Merci et bon weekend à toi.

Regina -- Merci mille fois... bon weekend

Tammy -- They are so enormous, a pair of them, glistening in the sun that day... merci

Léia -- Merci... je vous souhaite un bon weekend, tous les trois (Luna aussi!)... bisous

Virginia -- You are certainly a master of the light... merci, ma chère amie.

Brittany -- Je ne sais pas... but I think that it is wrought iron with paint but not sure... You are an amazing young woman with desire and talent... Je t'en pris ;-)

Sylvia -- The entire building is adorned with wrought iron, some bright like this and others black as I posted previously... merci!

Harriet -- On my first visit to this museum, I bought several books and looked for a souvenir of that type... we need an artist to come forward with that design

Fabien -- Ah, merci... j'adore les grilles des portes d'entrée.

Dianne -- Merci... the reflection is one of those little treats that you discover later in a photo... Thanks for the explanation... very tricky!

suzanneberry said...

MAGNIFICENT!! i have no other words for this.

'Tsuki said...

Hi, Genie ! You caught there such a lovely reflection : that painted wrought iron gate is so pretty...

(I also have to tell you that there is a problem with your participation on James' site : there no link in fact and I had to go on the previous subject to be able to visit your blog... :/ )

Alexa said...

You've really whetted my appetite for this place, Genie.
(Another great shot!)

Woody said...

That's really neat, very intricate.

cieldequimper said...

Far better than my Assemblée Nationale post today. It's been donkey's years since I've been au Petit Palais.

Randy said...

A golden reflection. Enjoy your weekend Genie!

Starman said...

I love le Petit Palais. You could spend a year shooting details there, both inside and out.

VioletSky said...

this glimpse of the door is beautiful. I am imagining the work going into keeping that grille gleaming!

Pat Tillett said...

What great detail! Handcrafted by an artist! Very nice photo~
Patrick Tillett, Extremely Overdue

Clueless in Boston said...

Beautiful metal work.

Dimple said...

The grille is gorgeous, and I see its reflection, as well!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Suz -- So glad that you like this elegant door... bises

'Tsuki -- Merci mille fois, mon amie

Alexa -- Merci, mon amie

Woody -- I just do not think that they make them like this any longer... merci

Ciel -- Well I keep forgetting about your new blog but now I have solved that problem (hah)... You are quite funny... "donkey's years"!!

Randy -- Merci, and you have a wonderful weekend yourself!

Starman -- I know and feel that I need to return to see the courtyard in spring... merci

Violet Sky -- I agree and this is a huge double door... There are many wrought iron grills in/on this building

Pat -- Merci, mon ami!

Clueless -- Girault was a talented architect and designer... His details are stunning.

Dimple -- Thank you and I appreciate your comment

Crafty Green Poet said...

lovely detail and I like the reflections too


Love the layers of vista here - and the composition!

Elizabeth said...

Fantastic detail! I wish they paid more attention to les arts decoratifs here in the US.

Cildemer said...

Wow! Just beautiful! Love this golden intricate grille;o)
Thanks for sharing, Genie;o)

Big bisous et belle fin de semaine****

Jack said...

This is marvelous, Genie, and just as crisp as can be!

Most of the snow melted in Hartford after two weeks in the 40s, but there are still small piles in shaded spots and a few ten foot mounds where parking lots were plowed!

TheChieftess said...

You have a good eye for details Genie!!! And Paris is such a beautiful spot to find them!!! Lovely!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Poet -- Merci, my talented friend

Margaret -- Merci, I think that there is grill on the other side of the glass as well so there is a melange of images

Elizabeth -- Moi aussi!

Cildemer -- Merci, and glad that you appreciate its beauty as well

Jack -- Thanks for noticing the "crisp" as sometimes it does not work out that way - hah!

Chieftess -- Details to be discovered everywhere for sure!

Wick Daily Photo said...

Ornate and gorgeous.

Joe said...

Beautiful design. It oozes luxury, quality, time and art.

JM said...

Great shot of a wonderful detail.