Sunday, January 2, 2011

Basilique Notre-Dame des Victoires

The Basilique Notre-Dame des Victoires can trace its history back to the 17th century and struggled to survive as an active church until the mid-1800s when it was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin. Since that time it has thrived with nearly 10,000 ex voto offerings left by the faithful. You can see on the right some of the devotional plaques which cover nearly every surface of this church. Additionally there are military decorations and silver and gold hearts left in thanksgiving for blessings received.

Basilique Notre-Dame des Victoires
6, rue Notre-Dame des Victoires
(Rue de Banque et Rue des Petits Pères)


Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» was never able to visit this church when he lived in Paris, so he is happy to see your photo of it here.

Virginia said...

What a beautiful church. I"m guessing near Place Victoires? THe lighting is just gorgeous Genie.

Malyss said...

First, Thank you for all your good wishes for the New Year!May all your wishes and dreams come true!
Then, your yesterday's picture is fabulous!I love it! It's a dream of Paris!
and finally, I 'm really interested in ex-votos. that's something so strange and special;We have a church here with PLANTY of them, some very old. Are there ex-votos in Us too?..

Jack said...

It is beautiful, and you captured it wonderfully. It has been two or three years since I have been in Paris. Your pictures are making me think it is time to go back again.

Gringo said...

Hi Genie, A happy new year to you also, I will catch up with you when I return from New Zealand.

Loree said...

What a beautiful chirch. I did not even know it existed.

M said...

Just beautiful. I would like to visit it on my next trip.


My attention is drawn to the paintings. What a feast for the eye, sacrilegious as this comment may be!
I would be there just to look a them!

Alexa said...

I like it when a church looks like it's well-used by its parishioners -- as this one does. Lovely shot, Genie!

Cildemer said...

Great church to visit next time I go to Paris!
Thanks for the information and your beautiful pic;o)
All my best wishes for the new year, Genie;o)

Big bisous****

Parisian Heart said...

Wow. How stunning. I shall have to add this to my ongoing list. I love the story behind it, too!

Randy said...

I love the paintings hanging around the alter and the alter itself is so beautiful.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Louis -- You can put it on your list for your next visit... merci

Virginia -- Yes, and very near Jardin du Palais Royal (north end)... merci, you know how challenged I am to get good low-light photos.

Malyss -- Many thanks for the good wishes... I am glad that you liked my purple vision of Paris on yesterday's post... Regarding your question on "ex-votos" I have looked online and not seen anything about USA but have a colleague to whom I have put the question.

Jack -- Ah, yes... I am just the Paris Chamber of Commerce here... hah! Really, you should plan to go again!

Gringo -- Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Loree -- There are so many churches in Paris and I discover new ones on every visit...

Marie -- When I walked in this church, I thought about how you assessed "the life" in the churches. I think that this one is quite well attended by its parishioners

Margaret -- These paintings are by the French painter Louis-Michel van Loo of the 18th century... I do not think it is sacrilegious to enjoy the beauty of a church... glad that you liked them!

Alexa -- Yes, read my message above to Marie... we talked about this in every church we visited in Paris on our June trip

Cildemer -- Many thanks... There is usually so much information about the churches, I just hit the pertinent points (for my photo) and then provide a link... glad that it helps

Parisian Heart -- Yes, it is worth adding to the list. I have yet to enter a church in Paris and not find something noteworthy (or worthy of a photo).

James said...

They were having a service when I walked in here so I didn't take "many" pictures. This one is beautiful!

Nathalie said...

Taking good pictures in low light is always a challenge. Yours is crips and full of details, just beautiful.
Well done!