Friday, July 11, 2014

Chez Clément - restaurant d'hôtes

Chez Clément

The terrace after a spring rain
with a bit of reflection

May you have a weekend free of showers

bon weekend

Chez Clément
17, boulevard des Capucines
75002, Paris


Little Nan said...
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Little Nan said...

So many showers here and Wintery cold! But sometimes there is nothing nicer than gazing out the window, the fire on, a big pile of reading material and listening to the rain....bliss.
Although, your image makes me want to venture out and grab a hot chocolate and sit and people watch!
Hoping you have a lovely weekend

Joe said...

Waiting for some lucky customers.

Revrunner said...

You, too, Genie. :-)

M said...

Love the pale spring green colors ... Looks like a delightful spot to sip un café while you people watch :) Bon weekend indeed!

William Kendall said...

I do like those chairs!

We've had enough rain lately... we can do without for a few days.

Alexa said...

Those seats are just waiting for us (after the sun comes out, bien sûr)!

Randy said...

Is that my favorite car in the reflection. I love Mini Coopers.