Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Parc de Monceau - XXXIII

Parc de Monceau

Although you may not be able to tell the season from this photo, 
you can see Parisians enjoying the good weather 
and note that the lawn is "awake." 

There is no "pelouse interdite" sign nor my favorite, 
"pelouse au repose hivernal," 
which means that the lawn is hibernating 
(like a bear)


Parc de Monceau
Boulevard des Courcelles
(five entrances around the park)
75008, Paris
Métro Monceau


Lisa Graham Art said...

Great photo. Makes you want to ride a bike...in Paris. This also reminds me of Central Park in NYC.

Malyss said...

People in Paris are like butterflies: as soon as spring comes back, they are back on the grass too! :o)

Jeanie said...

I love that the lawn is awake! I also love just about any photo with a bike on it! Nice!

JoeinVegas said...

Nice weather fills the grass -

Mary said...

I can see the sunshine! This is wonderful Genie! Your posts always fill me with happiness!

Starman said...


Alexa said...

I was going to say what Lisa said. And that's a nice bike too (and not a rental). :~}

Randy said...

Nothing like a bike ride.

Jack said...

Your photo today has a simple charm, Genie.