Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Père Lachaise XII - les ombres

2009 Dec 3 IMG_0124

Père Lachaise

I have an affinity for photographing cemeteries and Cimetière du Père Lachaise is a favorite.  No matter the season, the weather, or the time of day, one finds interesting lines, reflections, shapes, and ghosts.   

Although one would think that a cemetery does not change from day to day,
 it is different on each visit.

 (No, I have not seen ghosts)

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise
Boulevard de Ménilmontant
75020, Paris
Métro Père Lachaise, or
Métro Phillippe Auguste


  1. Une très belle photo... J'aime ces ombres qui semblent nous dire des choses...
    J'ai beaucoup aimé me promener dans ce cimetière l'été dernier.
    Gros bisous

  2. Hello Genie:
    Cemeteries we too find to be absolutely fascinating places and often choose to walk in them. Our nearest here has something of the appearance of an English park, but studded with memorials.

  3. J'aime beaucoup cet arbre "torturé" en arrière plan...


  4. j'aime l'ombre des tombes du rang devant, ce reflet ne tombe que dans l'oeil d'un photographe! Bravo.

  5. I can understand your affinity with photographing cemeteries Genie. The can present some very interesting and challenging subjects. I like the blue sky and bare tree in this one. A welcome contrast to the grey stone.

  6. This shadow is like an echo of the other cross beside. That's a great photo!

  7. Very interesting light and shadows in this image and I love the tree!

  8. No ghosts but the shadows certainly evoke them. Great lines and composition. The three is a work of art!

  9. i'm not certain we'd know it if we did see ghosts there. the place has the feel of being outside of time. speaking of which, we actually were picked up in a car by a gendarme at closing time because we'd miscalculated the distance to the only gate remaining open. he was very polite but i'm certain he rolled his eyes after depositing us at the exit thinking, "Americans."

  10. Ah Pere Lachaise brings back memories of very sore feet! When Mamma and I visited Paris we walked EVERYWHERE, and unfortunately underestimated how far it was from our hotel. Still totally worth it, incredible place, I can definitely understand you finding it fascinating!

  11. Brattcat, I wish a nice gendarme had picked us up as we trekked to the lone remaining gate! I was worn out and it was cold and getting dark!

    Genie, love the cross shadow. I prefer cemeteries with sun and shadows myself.

  12. I too love to walk through cemeteries. Do you remember this clip from Wes Craven's Paris Je t'aime?

  13. P.S. And there's a ghost in it....!

  14. I've never seen a ghost here either—and I've looked! Love these shadows, Genie.

  15. Yep, but it is more than 'morbid fascination' that makes cemeteries interesting. For this image, I'd think about converting to B&W and cropping out the monument on the left. The viewer would have to infer that the shadow of the cross came from an object out of the frame -- making that 'food for thought'. Cool how the shadow repeats the shape of the actual cross on the right.

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  17. I have read so much about this cemetery. One of these days I want to visit it. Your photo today is a good introduction, to whet my appetite.

  18. Wonderful photo. I like the crosses.

  19. Greetings from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Just beautiful! Your header is stunning!

  20. Martine, I wish that we had been able to walk through here together. Your talented, artistic eye might see things that I missed.

    Jane and Lance, I have just added that to my "list" and hope that you will share it with me.

    brattcat, I am glad that you were given assistance and hope that you ignored the rolling of eyes. Pffft, les Americains!

    V, you should have hopped a ride with brattcat.

    Bibi, I do remember that clip - love the cemeteries.

    Walter, I owe you a photo but did not go to PL on my last visit - It is still on my list...

    Stan, you have me on this one. You are right, and it was only my joy of seeing blue skies in winter that caused me to leave it in color. The crop would have been better, too.

    Linda, merci beaucoup! It is one of my favorite views of late summer evening in Paris.

    Jack, I will give you a whole list of cemeteries in/around Paris.

    I am thrilled that you all liked the shadows as much as I did. Sunny days are great for shadows and dark, rainy days are perfect for puddles and reflections.


  21. Ditto what Aimee said Genie, sore feet but so well worth the walk.

  22. Il suffit de croire aux fantômes pour rencontrer des personnages intéressants !
    Quand j'habitais à Londres, J'aimais traverser le cimetière de Fullam road. Loin du bruit et des passants pressés.

  23. Je me rappelle aussi, les cimetières du Japon. Visions exotique, car, complètement différents des nôtres, par la l'architecture des monuments
    Aussi visité le cimetière des petits animaux, à Tokyo. Très touchant.
    Pas facile à trouver.


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