Sunday, August 13, 2017

Église de la Madeleine

Église de la Madeleine

There is much written about this very photogenic 
and beautiful church which sits prominently in the 8ième.

Do you know that there are 52 of these Corinthian columns,
each 20 m high (65.5 feet!).  The fact that it was
 designed as "a temple to the glory of Napoleon's army" may explain
the enormity of La Madeleine.  It is one of my favorites, and the
acoustics are amazing!

bon dimanche

Église de la Madeleine
Place de la Madeleine
75008, Paris


biebkriebels said...

Amazing high! Impressive photo.

Jeanie said...

Hi Genie -- I miss you! Glad to see a post!

William Kendall said...

Great perspective!

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Amazing high! Impressive photo.


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