Sunday, February 12, 2017

Église Saint-Sulpice

Église Saint-Sulpice

This enormous late Baroque church
in Paris is surpassed in size only by Notre Dame.

I would have guessed Église Saint-Eustache, but
really should go back for another look.  
What would you have imagined?
The façade is massive and imposing.

bon dimanche

Église Saint-Sulpice
2, rue Palatine
75006, Paris


Anonymous said...

That is a surprise. It doesn't look that big, in its quiet square.

joaquín said...

Cuando la visité estaba sonando el órgano. Grandioso!

Merisi said...

Bautiful church, so majestic!

William Kendall said...

A magnificent church!

Jack said...

I always go here when in Paris. Don't know why. Just like it.