Friday, June 3, 2016

La saison des pluies!

It was raining cats and dogs 
for several days continuously,
but nothing like Paris is seeing now!

The flood waters on June 2nd caused many closures
and rescues: the Louvre, Métro station Saint-Michel,
RER C Line, Musée D'Orsay, and more...

Passage Saint-Roch
75001, Paris


Anonymous said...

And yet Paris is pretty. Even at its worst moments.

This is Belgium said...

same story in Brussels, maybe not as bad but still
there is something to be said for Alabama weather at times

James said...

I love Paris in the rain but this is too much.

Comme les français disent "Il pleut comme vache qui pisse".

William Kendall said...

The flooding has made the news here as well.

Looks like you've got a spammer.

Sami said...

Hopefully all will get back to normal soon without too many disasters.

Jack said...

Amazing how much rain has fallen in Paris. I have a friend who is there now and she seems to be taking it in high spirits. Like an adventure.

Alexa said...

Pretty scary to think of all that art stored in the basement of the Louvre (for example). Glad to hear the water seems to be receding now.