Friday, March 18, 2016

Café Kitsuné - Palais Royal

Palais Royal

In the arcade shops and restaurants of
Palais Royal you will find a wide range 
of choices: from the old to the new and from the 
elegant to the casual.

Café Kitsuné
Palais Royal
75001, Paris
Today I join other photographers



William Kendall said...

Interesting name for such an establishment.

Danar O said...

This photo is a symphony of lights, I like it so much! Thank you Genie!

Molly said...

Ahhh Paris, the home of all things delicious


Nefertiti said...

Joli coups d oeil ;o)

Margaret Adamson said...

I would love to have a coffee there.

James said...

Oh this brings back memories.
This place was about two doors away from our apartment in Paris. Everyday we said we have to go in for a coffee but sadly we didn't. Coincidentally Virginia posted a picture a few days ago of shop that was two doors away from the apartment in the opposite direction.