Friday, February 5, 2016

Jour de Nutella

Jour de Nutella
Nutella Day

Nutella devotees launched February 5th as
World Nutella Day in 2007 through social networks and blogs.
This creamy chocolate and hazelnut concoction can be enjoyed as a 
simple spread on a pancake or combined with crêpes and ice cream.

How will you enjoy your Nutella today?
Need an idea? Email me and I'll send you 
an easy dessert that can be prepared by a child.

Street Vendor
75006, Paris


Joe said...

"World Nutella Day". What a great idea. Love it on toast Genie.

William Kendall said...

I like it as a sandwich. There's a local dessert here, a fried pastry called a Beavertail, and one of the options for toppings is Nutella.

Danar O said...

I like "the Paris flavor" in this photo more than Nutella on hotcakes. It seem this monsieur is a real Crepe Pro. Spectacular black and white shot Genie, thank you.

Paulita said...

I recently found to-go packs here with small breadsticks that you can dip in Nutella. It's always fun to have options that involve Nutella.
I'd appreciate it if you'd play along with Dreaming of France on Mondays. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme