Monday, January 2, 2012

Paris chic - les vêtements de Galeries Lafayette

While photographing the Galeries Lafayette Christmas tree,
I took a little shot in my favorite, almost-affordable, department. 

Oh la la!

Galeries Lafayette
40, boulevard Haussmann
75009, Paris
Metro Chaussee d'Antin Lafayette


Sylvia K said...

Oh la la indeed! Definitely looks like my kind of place! I could really do with a shopping trip one of these days! Hope you had a great New Years, Genie! And enjoy your week!


Randy said...

Who would not want to shop in Paris. What a great shot!

French Girl in Seattle said...

Love this shot, Genie. Does your favorite-almost-affordable department have a name? ;- ) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Malyss said...

Courage, bientôt les soldes! :o)
Your yesterday's picture was soooo beautyful! perfect shot to begin the year with a nice touch!I wish you a Happy 2012, dear Genie!

biebkriebels said...

Oh, I would love to browse there.

Ineke said...

i thought the o la la was meant for taking a photo inside the store ;) I have been warned off several times when i did that. Happy new year to you and your loved ones!

Gunn said...

HaPpY NeW YeAr!

Thanks for taking the risk, and photographing inside places like this. They should be happy that you did.
More people might want to go shopping at "Galeries Lafayette"

A wonderful blog, full of inspiration!

brattcat said...

a girl can dream.

Hana de Prague said...

Yes! Oh la la! I wish I was there! :-)

The Armchair Parisian said...

There's an affordable department in Galleries Lafayette...?

Virginia said...

I see a few things I'd like to slip on! :)

Harriet said...

Oh la la! is correct. I won't even ask what the prices were.

The Fashionable Traveler said...

The spotted coat is tres chic! Happy New Year...I so enjoy your blog.


Peter said...

Sure, you didn't buy anything? :-)

Different attitudes at different departmant stores. Lafayette, no problem, Bon Marché, three guards will runt into you if you try (which I did anyway)....! :-)

Happy New year! Nice to know that you soon will be back, for another shop inventory!

Erika said...

I like your favorite department, me too!!! Bisou.

Anonymous said...

Now that photo is a "show stopper". I'd like to pay that store a visit!


winterludes said...

on sale in… 9 days, greeeeeaaaat!!! (in every doll maker sleeps a dangerous girly shopping addict!!!) hugs, w.

An Eye for Detail said...

Congrats for getting away with shooting a photo! I've been warned, not so nicely, many times...!
Yes, I wouldn't mind trying on a few of these!

louciao said...

Yes please!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Oh la la is oh so right!

Happy New Year! I have enjoyed your blog so much this past year! It makes me feel like I am, for a moment, in
my favorite city in the world!
Thank you!

Flora Doora

Jack said...

And . . . which did you buy? I can see you in that spotted jacket.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Veronique, I will look when I visit next week. I am usually trying to sneak the shot (each trip!) to note the name. I have posted on this same department before -- will get the name.

Ineke, I am very careful and snap quickly. They watch you like a hawk in the famous shoe department, and will quickly "non" if you lift a camera to a shooting position.

Armchair Parisian, I said "almost" affordable, hehehe.

Peter, I have actually taken some nice shots in Bon Marché, but not in the food hall. I am partial to the hat department!

Jack, yes, I had my eye on that spotted jacket... très cher!

Bonne année!


Oakland Daily Photo said...

I thought these were vintage clothes. Retro must be in.