Friday, April 29, 2011

Creating Paris Rouge

So, this is how you get "Paris Rouge"

For Virginia who might love Paris Rouge even more than I do.

Give me a paint brush, please, and another bucket of that rouge vif!

For more weekend reflections, visit James' Newtown Daily Photo


beau gosse said...

Nice shot, Genie....however, my favourite will always remain Paris Bleu!

Joe said...

Painting can be such a satisfying job.

Richard said...

Quel joli rouge pour une devanture! Et puis, cette boutique ancienne est tellement plus belle qu'un magasin moderne!
Bonne journée, Genie!

Kristin said...

That red is gorgeous! It creates such a romantic atmosphere at cold winter nights with lots of lit candles...Have a beautiful day! I can't wait to watch the british royal wedding today!!!


Chez Loulou said...

There's a very different rouge on Chez Loulou today. A south of France rouge. :)

Gringo said...

Another great shot Genie reminding me a man's work is never finished!

Cezar and Léia said...

Well, it's really important! :)
I like those glasses!
Hugs and happy weekend,

M said...

Vraiment très rouge! Wonderful candid shot! Bon weekend!

Halcyon said...

I think you've got lots of fans of the Paris rouge. :)

PS: Thanks for the Paris tips. Have passed them along.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It's almost the same color as your backdrop Genie, you really do love that 'Paris Rouge'. Looks like the sun is shining too, a lovely Paris day.

Have a good day,

Virginia said...

Actually I think it's going form cranberry to rouge and I"m very happy! :)
Bon weekend chère Genie,

Malyss said...

This beautyful red matches well with the old fashion style of the shop!

Starman said...

I hope Mobile didn't suffer from the storms!

Sylvia K said...

I love your Paris rouge, Genie! Terrific reflection for the day as always! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Enjoy!


Loree said...

I love that shade of red. Could you send me a bucket please?

Alexa said...

Even the paint buckets are rouge! Nice capture, Genie!

brattcat said...

There was plenty of red painting William's cheeks today. He's such a beautiful blusher. I think you're right about the weather for the wedding. It seemed charmed.

James said...

Cool shot! It's funny because I thought "so, that's how the Paris red gets there" then I read the post. :)

Bergson said...

de quo le short de l'homme n'est pas rouge

Emille said...

This is a great rouge -representation of Paris!

This is Belgium said...

My thought are with all Alabamians today but especially with the people of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa

Dianne said...

I love that shade of red

snowwhite said...

Now, I got to know how a famous rouge is made! It is a magic that ordinary red turns to such a elegant color. It's a lot of fun! Have a nice weekend.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

beau gosse -- Well, I will not disappoint you as I have many, many Paris bleu photos to show! merci...

Joe -- If I am painting I like to work with a real strong color although have sworn off red. It takes many coats to get that deep hue

Richard -- La devanture (merci) est joli avec une couleur forte comme-ci. Merci et bon weekend, mon ami.

Kristin -- Ah yes and Prince William was dressed so smartly in rouge!

Loulou -- Yes, and the rouge of those poppies beats the artificial rouge of paint every time!

Gringo -- Yes, one does not see any French women painting the storefronts (les deventures) in Paris.

Léia -- merci and happy weekend to you as well!

Marie -- Merci, mon amie, and have a wonderful weekend.

Halcyon -- Hope that those tips will be helpful... Merci!

Grace -- I do love it but there are some posts that would look better with black... Now, I would not want to change my "brand" - merci! Yes, the sun was shining every day we were there on this trip

Virginia -- Rouge is a much happier shade

Malyss -- The red does seem to go with the large windows and door... very distinctive

Starman -- We are fine as the storms were north of us. You are very kind to ask, my friend

Sylvia -- Glad you approve, my friend!

Loree -- Gladly! Although unless you are covering something that is red already, it may take several buckets!

Alexa -- Hah! I had not noticed that... merci!

brattcat -- Indeed there was and he blushed for both kisses!

James -- This is my first time to see someone painting with red... usually it is the Paris-green

Bergson -- No, and I have never seen a man (in Paris) in red shorts.

Emille -- Merci, and than you for your comment

Anni -- Merci, the loss of life in our state is astounding and heart-breaking

Dianne -- Merci, me too!

snowwhite -- It certainly is a magical color in Paris. I guess if all the stores were red it would be too much. Merci

Randy said...

Nothing like a wonderfully rich red. Nice reflection too.

'Tsuki said...

La légende que tu as trouvée pour illustrer la photographie est tout simplement excellente... Tellement évocatrice, tellement amusante... Tellement bien vu. Bravo !

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

What a delicious color! Never tire of seeing it. Just like your blog!

Viennese Girl Vreni said...

I will have to look for "Paris Rouge" in July. But of course I will still be faithful to the blue doors ;-))

Forest Dream Weaver said...

Beautiful red,rich and favourite colour!

Best wishes! xx

Dyche Designs said...

I never realised how many great reflections are out there until I started linking with James. Great shot, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Genie.

Genie said...

Genie...As I follow you around the blogs, I end up commenting right after you more than once a night. It is so funny how that happens. I try always to put “The Other Genie” but somethings I forget. The reflection in the window here is fine...and the painter seems to be enjoying himself. It looks very French.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Randy -- Merci, mon ami!

'Tsuki -- Tu es gentile et j'apprécie bien ton commentaire. Pour moi, la légende est essentielle et améliore la photo. Merci!

Tammy -- You are such a dear and I feel the same about yours. I do love red!

Vreni -- Paris rouge is a great accent but the blue doors cannot be beat. I can't wait to see what you find and to guess where they are... I bet that we will have some doors in common, mon amie!

Ruby -- Merci. It is impossible to be ambivalent about red!

Dyche Designs -- Following the reflections expands my "eye" to things that I might have missed or ways in which to see them. Merci!

awarewriter -- Merci, mon amie

Genie (other Genie - hah!) -- I know the feeling when I see a "Genie" comment and it takes me a second to say... huh? Thanks! I really wanted to get a shot of him from the front as from this angle he could be even..... (American) college student.