Saturday, July 27, 2013

Village Bercy - la bouteille rouge

Bercy Village
Cour Saint-Émilion

The customer snuffed out a cigarette and left.

I snapped a photo before the table was cleared
and the red bottle disappeared!

(I am not the only photographer of Paris 
who snaps dirty café tables)

Paris Café
Bercy Village 
Cour St-Émilion
75012, Paris


Jack said...

Hey! Bring that red bottle back. I can use it for flowers.

Sylvia K said...

Hey!! I'm with Jack! Brink it back, I can use it, too!! Hope you have a great weekend, Genie!

Randy said...

Nice capture.

Tamera said...

The bottle looks great with the sunlight streaming through it. Great shot!

Aimeecakes said...

I love the lighting in this shot!

Alexa said...

What a quintessentially Parisian still-life you've captured, Genie!

M said...

Love the red bottle and the yellow lemon wedge in the glass ... The cigarettes I can do without :)

Pet said...

I very much like the idea of snapping on café tables. I must try.
Nice having a look at your blog again (I haven't bee blogging much lately)

TheChieftess said...

Ahhhh yes...the red bottle!!!

c'est Jeff ici said...

Village Bercy is always a stop for us. There is an amazing circus museum there that is only open once a year. Unfortunately I missed it on my last trip!

Starman said...

Bercy Village is nice. Stopped there for a glass of wine but can't can't remember the name of the place.