Friday, July 19, 2013

Hôtel de Sens - Bibiothèque Forney

Hôtel de Sens
and the Forney Art Library

Built originally for the archbishops of Sens in the thirteenth century, 
this hôtel was rebuilt completely 
by Archbishop Tristan de Salazar between 1498 and 1518.

Although there have been many modifications 
over the past five hundred years, 
"it remains a rare survivor of late medieval-civil architecture, 
an example of a semi-fortified manoir dressed up in the Flamboyant style."

(Andrew Ayers - The Architecture of Paris: An Architectural Guide)

Hôtel de Sens - Bibliothèque Forney
Rue du Figuier at Rue du Fauconnier
75004, Paris


Sylvia K said...

Beautiful! And how wonderful it would be to stay there for a few days and really "feel" the history! Great post for the day, as always, Genie! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Be still my heart... This is absolutely breathtaking! What a thrill it would be to stay there, even if only for one day.
Thank you so much for sharing this Genie.. I really enjoyed

Starman said...

Loved l'Hôtel de Sens! Too bad it's not a hotel that accepts guests.

Cezar and Léia said...

Looks like a castle, so beautiful and I love your composition!

Joe said...

Wow! What a unique place this would be to stay on a holiday in Paris.

Diane said...

It is beautiful, I do love the old buildings they have so much more character than the new ones. I am glad that France has restored many of their buildings. Have a good weekend, Diane

miss b said...

A stunning, immaculate building and so beautifully preserved.

M said...

I would love to abide in one of those turrets. What a lovely photo!

Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

That's a hotel?! Fantastic!

Tamera said...

Wow, what a beautiful structure! I love the architectural details!

Jeanie said...

This looks like another good fine -- and beautiful, too!

Alexa said...

One of the things I love about Paris: this still stands. In NYC, it probably would have been torn down and replaced by some ugly thing built by Donald Trump.

Shell Sherree said...

Looks like it's been swept up from deep in the countryside and transplanted here. I half expect Rapunzel to let down her golden hair! A wonderful find, Genie. Bon weekend.

Mary said...

Sheer magnificence! And it's... A library. Sigh of admiration and love. :)

Daryl said...

what a great find

Alexa said...

Actually, thanks to Haussmann and Pompidou, plenty of Paris had "disappeared," so I'm even more glad that this hasn't.