Saturday, July 20, 2013

Horloge et candélabres

2011 April day 3 DSC_0312

Clock and candelabra

The antique stores scattered throughout Paris are full of treasures.  
Many of the items may be out of the reach of the traveler, 
or perhaps to large to carry home.  
However, one never knows when a "find" will be discovered.

This window was seen in one of the narrow streets of the Marais.

Antique boutique
75004, Paris


Randy said...

They are both very beautiful.

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful indeed!! I do love to be able to browse through shops like this! Fun! Great shot, Genie, as always! Have a lovely weekend!!

Revrunner said...

Clock looks like a great candidate for the Antiques Roadshow.

Pipérade said...

Clock heaven here:
More about these beautiful Comtoise clocks:
Surprisingly affordable still..

M said...

Beautiful objects and a very interesting reflection! Lovely photo!

Aimeecakes said...

Ohhh man I can imagine my Mum foraging around the French antique shops...

Alexa said...

Someone has been dusting—what a nice, shiny reflection!

Starman said...

Le Marais is a great place for window shopping!

Daryl said...

i love those shops .... the antiques are so photogenic