Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rue du Trésor - le vélo

Rue du Trésor
the bicycle

This short pedestrian street 
has a border of green on both sides 
with a variety of cafés and bistrots.  

The flash of rain just prior to my photo 
gives an extra boost of green to the new spring growth.  
It is not too difficult to dodge the showers.

Rue du Trésor
75004, Paris


martinealison said...

Une très jolie photo... Le printemps est bien installé...
Gros bisous

Alain said...

Deux précautions valent mieux qu' deux antivols aussi.

Joe said...

I love photos after rain Genie. It provides so many opportunities like the lushness in the greenery in this image. Wishing you all the best for Easter. Bon Vivant J.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Genie,

Oh how we love bicycles such as this, complete with basket. Somehow it conjures up English country villages where one can cycle around it all and put the daily shopping into the basket!

The green borders look so fresh and beautiful. Perfect public planting and how wonderful to cycle or walk along them. If only the streets of Budapest were lined like this!

M said...

The yellow trim on the buildings magnifies the "Springtime" feel of this photo!! Love the shiny green leaves on the foliage.

Jeanie said...

That green is so lovely! It'll be awhile before our worn-out grass gets green like that -- but it will come. and you know I'm a sucker for a bicycle shot!

William Kendall said...

A neat bike. And that flash of green is a very welcome sight, Genie!

Alexa said...

I love this quiet little street hiding in plain sight in the middle of a super-busy quartier!

La Petite Gallery said...

April in Paris what could be nicer.
Wish I was in the photo. Great shot. Happy Easter