Monday, April 21, 2014

Marché Bastille

Marché Bastille

Seen here on a market day (Thursdays and Sundays), you can buy almost anything from produce, seafood, bread, flowers, cheese, and other food items to household goods.  However, on Saturdays, this sprawling area is transformed into a street market of "art and creation," an opportunity to explore, to buy, and to talk with the artists.

The street art and fine craft markets around the world allow a visitor (tourist?) to take home a sketch or a post-card sized painting for a reasonable amount.  My collection ranges from Punta Arenas to Prague and many places in between.  Each petit quelque chose provides a more permanent memory of a city/country than a souvenir stand could ever offer. 

Marché Bastille
Marché de la Création Paris-Bastille
Boulevard Richard Lenoir
75011, Paris


Jeanie said...

this sounds just my cuppa tea! I love bringing home art from travels. I'll bet you have an amazing collection!

The Greenockian said...

Looks wonderful!

Alain said...

Le marché du dimanche préféré des parisiens. J'aime bien l'idée du "bar à harengs".

Tamera said...

It sounds like a great way to "waste" an afternoon!

Malyss said...

I often went there as a kid. In those (old) times, no art, only food. Great memories anyway !

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Genie,

We always think that local markets of any kind give one a wonderful insight into the habits of a nation. We love produce markets where one can see what the culinary traditions are and try out new and exciting foodstuffs.

This market looks to be particularly interesting and we love the idea of it transforming itself into a creative hub on Saturdays, the perfect day for wandering at leisure and meeting with arty types! We should love it. And, yes, how good it is to leave a place with a unique souvenir of the visit. Wonderful to own and to have a special memento to rekindle good memories.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

Some of my most memorable purchases in Paris have come from this market, but I have never taken a photo of it because I've been too busy combing the stalls. Warm regards

JudyMac said...

Thanks for the tip--it will be high on my list!

Alexa said...

I enjoyed my Saturday visit to this place with you and the rest of the gang. Had a long chat with one of the artists and bought something small from him—it's not especially good, but it IS a very good souvenir. I know you know what I mean. :~}

Anonymous said...

Love the local markets in France. We stopped at as many as possible while traveling through the country roads of France.

Jeanne said...

....just trying to figure when I can go....thanks Genie for the info!

Randy said...

Nothing like a good crafts market.

Jack said...

That is a phallic symbol to end all phallic symbols.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Jeanie, I have never been sorry for one of those little purchases.

Alain, I think that I must not have tried their herring!

Tamera, the vendors are quite engaging, and the artists as well.

Malyss, I cannot imagine what a delight that must have been as a child!

Dear Jane and Lance, I particularly enjoy the fish markets as the fresh seafood is sometimes moving. I really want to try a sea urchin. Certainly, you have interesting markets in your two cities.

Elizabeth, wish that you had been with us that day! Warm regards to you, also.

JudyMac, plan around the Saturday artists.

Alexa, I remember that it was a bit cool the day we were there but at least no rain!

Jean, I have not seen nearly enough of the countryside markets, but intend to remedy that!

Jeanne, wish that I was there right now.

Randy, I agree, and you have many in your city.

Jack, hummmm.... bien sûr!