Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Un rêveur

A café,
a daydreamer....

What could be more natural 
in Paris?

Le Métivier
1, avenue Gambetta
75020, Paris


PNLima said...

We love, like this "rêveur" to see life passing by!

s.c said...

Nice B&W. If the trespasser on the other side would be on the top right corner it would be perfect.

phylcar said...

Just exactly what one should do in Paris! Nice pic!

Unknown said...

I like very much the way light on his face reinforces his mood, accordingly with the black and white technique.

William Kendall said...

Great light in this shot.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

It was a perfect late summer day and the sun felt good on your skin. SC, I agree with your comment about the "flaneur" in the upper left corner. When I posted this, I would have loved to "make him disappear" entirely. You have a good eye.