Wednesday, August 26, 2015

rue des Carmes - une cour

A small courtyard several steps 
below the street level
still boasts an assortment of
dried hydrangea blooms.

Originally a church or cloister,
I am not sure of its function today.

14, rue des Carmes
75005, Paris


Joe said...

The vegetation seems to be thriving in this sheltered courtyard Genie. Courtyards like this are a rarity in my part of the world.

s.c said...

The pointed arches give the old function of the building away. Nice little corner of Paris.

Revrunner said...

Still serves much the function of a cloister, I think.

Jeanie said...

Lovely, Genie. Dried hydrangeas are one of my favorites!

So glad you stopped by Cork Poppers yesterday! It's always fun when you visit!

William Kendall said...

It looks like a very inviting spot!

beatrice De said...

Well, well ! I admire your courage to go back the blog * Tricot... bricolage... *
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I have bought several for friends. Lining them before giving them. Because it will last longer. Ans it attach un petit détail personnalisé !

I had love to make the little mantel for Noémie, the daughter of the daughter of one of my best friend. Today not with us anymore.
I have lived a message on the post.

beatrice De said...

Sorry for the publicity. If you go up the blog * coup de coeur * you will see the travel to Egypt and some pictures of my shops windows. A post en résonnance avec le blog de * Norma C *. They are making beauty products expériments. Not bade at all.

Keep well.