Friday, August 28, 2015

Beacoup de jambes et dots


A creative window display 
of mirrors, legs, chaussures,
and many "dots"

bon weekend

Printemps window - Yayoi Kusama
boulevard Haussmann
75009, Paris


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh la!

s.c said...

I would say it reminds me on a Japanese artist whose name I have forgotten . Then I see in the small print Yayoi Kusama. She did more departments around Europe because I remember one from Amsterdam. Nice.

Jeanie said...

This totally, completely, unbelievably knocks me out! I love it. I daresay it would drive me crazy if I had to look at it 24/7 but right now, this minute, I'm just filled with delight! Doesn't Printemps come up with the most remarkable windows?

William Kendall said...

Colourful and vibrant!

Revrunner said...

Whoa! I was almost like blinded by all those polk-a-dots! :-)

beatrice De said...

Will be fashion again ? Have material standing in cardboard for years

beatrice De said...

Can see my manchots windows on the blog.
hello from Lausanne.

Louisette said...

Super joli,,bonjour belge. blog de ma ville Mons

Unknown said...

¡¡ Realistically surrealistic...!!
Beautiful artwork on the best parade I have seen :-D
Thanks a lot Genie