Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Beautiful from any angle, but this view is my favorite.
When you consider that this icon of Paris has seen nine centuries of history, 
she looks like she will be around for many more.

If you come around to this side of Notre Dame, 
you can enjoy an unobstructed view (sans beaucoup de touristes
and enjoy a shaded bench as well.

bon dimanche

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
(seen from Square Jean XXIII)
75004, Paris


William Kendall said...


Revrunner said...

Imagine the roofing bill!

sillygirl said...

Genie - how did you manage to get a photo with daylight and without one tourist???

Alexa said...

My fave view of the cathedral too—and perfectly captured by you!

RedPat said...

I liked that view too and it was relatively tranquil when I was there.

M said...

I agree!!! Although the front view with the towers is the traditional one, this is my favorite!!!

Randy said...

That's a view I've never seen before, lovely.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Sillygirl, you go before the (other) tourists wake up. Also, this side of the cathedral is void of hawkers and scammers. I do not understand why this beautiful view of the church is not more popular.

Thank you for all the comments today.


Jeanie said...

Sigh. It is my favorite view as well. Like you, I don't understand why it is less popular than the more common front.

VP said...

An excellent angle!

VP said...

An excellent angle!