Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lutétia Île Saint Louis Restaurant

Le Lutétia

The usually busy tables were noticeably vacant on this rainy May afternoon.  However, from inside the large windows give a great view of the quai, the Seine, and Pont Louis Philippe.

In the course of an hour or two we watched several stories unfold in the rain:
a drowning in the Seine, a family drama on the terrace, and wedding pictures on the quai below.

You do not always have to rush around Paris to see the city.  
On some days the city comes to you.

Lutétia Île Saint Louis Restaurant
33, quai de Bourbon
75004, Paris


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Genie,

The monochrome suits the subject perfectly of this image. A deserted cafe terrace in the rain. A somber view and yet every detail so clearly visible, right down to the droplets of rain on the table tops.

And, as you say, sometimes if one just sits back and watches, the world in all its drama will come to you. How we love being observers as scenes of Life unfold before one as if on a stage......

s.c said...

Pity of the rain but so french. I like it.

William Kendall said...

Drowning in the river certainly has a sobering effect to the onlooker.

Alexa said...

I think it always comes to you, if you park yourself someplace and just wait long enough. And keep your eyes and ears open (as you do).

Randy said...

I think I would want to sit outside.

Jeanie said...

Genie, when we were in Paris, the best omelet we had was at a Lutetia near Rue du Rome and Edinborough street. I can still taste it! I wonder if the two are connected. A lovely b/w study.