Saturday, May 10, 2014

Le Bar à Huîtres

The sidewalk display in front of the restaurant is colorfully arranged 
with a large selection of les fruits de mer

Although I have not eaten here, 
the boxes in the bottom row are labeled Les Huîtres Cadoret
a family company over five generations since 1880.
It makes my mouth water just to think about these bivalves.


33, bd Beaumarchais
75003, Paris


s.c said...

The green mixes very well with the orange of the crabs and the yellow of the lemons. Nice colorful shot. I like it.

M said...

Truly a festive array ... And I am sure they are quite tasty! Your photo is a feast for the eyes :)

William Kendall said...

Very colourful, though I would have to pass on the seafood!

Jeanie said...

I would want to eat every single one!

Randy said...

Looks tempting.

Joe said...

Gosh .... What a feast. Looks delicious.

Virginia said...

The crabs all look so happy! :)

Sara Louise said...

I want all of that to get in my belly! :)