Thursday, May 26, 2016

Aux Couleurs Modernes - quincaillerie à Paris

Aux Couleurs Modernes

This hardware store was established in 1876
and I can assure you that although this is a smaller 
store than I have in my neighborhood,
you can find most anything you need here.

Having always called a store of this type
un magasin de bricolage, I do love the French 
noun une quincaillerie.

Aux Couleurs Modernes
6, rue Monsigny
75002, Paris


Joe said...

Love this hardware store Genie. Sadly many of our smaller hardware stores have been swallowed up by the mega store.

Anonymous said...

This looks wonderful. There were some quaint hardware stores near me in New York. I love them. It's like they hold the answers to all your troubles. Anything can be fixed.

William Kendall said...

A neat looking shop!

Roseann said...

When I lived in Montreal, Quebec quincaillerie was the one word I just NEVER tried to pronounce. I've never heard it and I knew I would not do it justice.

Alexa said...

Oh my—stocked from floor to ceiling!

James said...

Cute little place.I'd like to have a peek inside.

This place opened seven years after my local hardware store. I love to see small businesses that endure.