Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sapins de Noël - Passage du Grand Cerf

2013 Nov21 Paris _20131121 180 DSC_1865

Christmas trees in Paris

Giggling on the first occasion of seeing 
Christmas trees dressed like sausages, 
I now find them totally charming.  

The stands made of split tree trunks are quite solid 
and they are ready to be carried off, 
through the Métro or by bus to a waiting Paris apartment.  

The scents of fresh evergreen are as omnipresent 
as those of the baguettes from the nearby boulangerie.

Messages du Grand Cerf
4, passage du Grand Cerf (Rue Saint Denis entrance)
75002, Paris


Starman said...

I don't really like these.

The Greenockian said...

Love this photo! They really do look a bit odd - like a family of aliens or something!

Malyss said...

Here, they dress trees only after you have choosen one.Love their scent!

Tamera said...

They look like pod people! Hee hee!

Stuart said...

Those shapes of the wrapped trees are really interesting.

William Kendall said...

Here they tend to wrap them in what looks more like a net.

Virginia said...

A little alien family invades Paris!

Louise said...

Oh I can't wait to be in Paris for Christmas one year. Until then you can help me imagine.

M said...

Very interesting shapes! I can imagine the delightful aroma of Christmas!

Jeanie said...

Ready to carry off! Hope when they get them home they aren't disappointed!